Instructions for use Reduslim

Capsule Reduslim: instructions for use

Unfortunately, many lose weight only for the sake of beauty, before I forget, an overweight is a threat to life! Female mortality in Switzerland because of problems of increase in weight and 27% compared with the last decade. Don't wait, cardiac arrest! In developed countries, slimming tool Reduslim it is one of the most popular products in a long time and is one of the most secure.

Considered capsule Picture


  • metabolic;
  • being overweight;
  • obesity;
  • weight control;
  • excessive eating;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • appetite control.


Capsules act quickly and effectively. They have no side effect and dependency. But a number some contraindications:

  • creation of any active component;
  • pregnancy;
  • laktatsii a while;
  • for children ages 18 years. However, nutrition experts and doctors people aged 21 and over to use for slimming.

How to use Reduslim

  1. Regardless, take 1 tablet per day for food, a glass of water.
  2. During the period of medication recommendation at least two liters a day.
  3. The course instructor is 4-6 weeks. After 1 month repeat the course.

Faster results very important to maintain the water balance of the body because of the drug imported breaks active fat in the body fluids. An insufficient amount slows down the process.