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Hi everyone! Use the magic capsule I want to share the experience Reduslim.


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I bought 20 kg during pregnancy. Then everyone was like, baby feeding, milk fear disappears, the eternal tea and condensed milk, sandwiches, oil, nuts, and fear to increase weight another 10 kg over 7 months. My total weight 100 kg, with growth of 160 cm, rose size M and XXL clothing. The 28-year-old girl's nightmare.

Every day began and find myself tired, and passive I seem to meet. I was embarrassed, 2 seats occupied, Metro, your seatbelt in the car without shoes or heavy sighs I can't and shameful actions. We haven't had a big conversation about that like. Me I forgot a lot of complexes, and the responsibilities of marriage, his wife still has not been canceled. A husband to undress, but even the thought — why fear me. I couldn't look in the mirror. Very often, at night, no one saw, I cried.

I don't remember how much it took, then I had I don't remember. But then I decided to move. I ate fruit alone longing starve yourself, saws, yes, I tried to run a dozen miles in the gym, diet, or even hormone pills I have tried, but to no avail, more precisely, the weight went a bit up but then quickly turned back.

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I read the forums about a weight loss tool Reduslimorder to use immediately investigated and it's a lesson. The order came quickly. Application Reduslim very simple — 1 capsule a day. Missing for 10 days on a package. Yes, an expression that seemed to me, but after 10 days the result was not. I saw Libra a month - 8 kg. But I decided to continue, and once again read the forums. Output, for sure to drink at least two litres per day you shouldn't have. He continued to accept. Then in the second month I saw results - 18! Hip circumference decreased by 15 cm, at the waist, went from 18.

Many of my friends they'll never know me, and I was very surprised to find out change. The feeling just divine, your dream for so long to lose weight!